The Fredericksburg area including the counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford as well as the city of Fredericksburg have been the hosts of notable historical events and have welcomed the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, Hugh Mercer, Gary Melchers, Robert E. Lee and an asundry of others that are worthy to get to know.

Some have come to Fredericksburg as a budding nation was developing and others still come to delve into the charms that the city has to offer of days gone by. What once was a tobacco trading station along the banks of the Rappahannock River has now developed into charming blocks of antique and specialty shops, restaurants, churches, taverns, galleries, historical homes and locations that have incredible value to the founding of our nation.

To Fredericksburg’s advantage, it is located midway between Washington,DC and Richmond, VA and Interstate 95 travels through it allowing easy communing to both large cities. Along with the rich history Fredericksburg is known for, there are sophisticated and modern entertaining venues with shopping, dining and lodging. You will find Fredericksburg has the best to offer in all areas of your interests.

Won’t you allow Fredericksburg City and the surrounding counties to welcome you as its guest and hopefully its new resident. Please check out my “365 Things You Can Do in Fredericksburg” blog post and learn, be entertained and enjoy our great city!!!